Genealogy of the Roberts-River family

Last update 24 Feb, 2005

This page is designed as a place for a number of genealogy pages for various family members.

When my father died, I found myself getting interested in my own family, and that has become an interest in genealogy overall. It's not a passion, though in my typical way, I launched myself thoroughly into this. My life-partner calls me "obsessed", though I tend to see myself as "focused". <laughs> A difference based on where we sit.

In doing genealogical research, I fairly quickly came to realise that not all genealogy is well-researched, and not all research turns up factually accurate information. My background as a eco-biologist has made me aware of the difference between the factual and the accepted.

So here, I have endeavoured to show not only what I think, but why I think it. I believe that is important, since other people will doubtless use my information, just as I have used the genealogical research of others. It will also allow later researchers to work out where I have gone wrong, and hopefully correct things. I try to acknowlege my sources when I use the research of others. I do hope others will do the same, and that they will write to me if they see mistakes, or have additional information.

I'm actually fairly busy, in spite of being an older woman (about me). You may not get an immediate response, but I'll try and answer letters.

This site is divided into the families of various people I'm related to, not necessarily by blood.

I"ll start with things I'm currently working on, and I'll be adding to this as I go.

A few housekeeping things.

I don't like propietary things, and in particular, believe proprietary information is anathema to spreading knowledge and understanding. Hence, feel free to use my info, but I state that I do not want it used for profit. I have spent many many hours on it, and am happy to see others benefit. To paraphrase Michael Valintine Smith, "knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied". I do consider my work to be copywrite, and give permission for its use only where it remains in the domain of free information. Of course it would be nice, and ethical, if those using it acknowledged the source, and nicer still if you let me know.

This information is
such as or

Nor would I like it to be copied to Family Search or the IGA, (that means don't do it) mainly because those sites do not provide the evidence on which information is based, and are therefore prone to spread dis-information.

OK, that's basically it.